Cheap London escorts are fast becoming a precious commodity.

When I first started dating in London, it was easy to find cheap escorts from but you will find a lot of VIP or elite London escorts. I am not so sure that VIP or elite escorts are that different but they certainly charge excessive hourly rates. Before my marriage I dated a lot of London escorts, but I never used to have to pay £100 to £600 per hour. That is what a London escorts charge and I find it incredible. But then again, I suppose they have to raise their rates in accordance with the cost of living and working in London.



I used to love dating cheap London escorts and I can’t say that I am getting the same thrill out of dating elite and VIP escorts. They seem different somehow and are a lot more posh that I seem able to remember. It is odd, but the joy of dating has somehow gone out of it and I do wish I could turn back the hands of time. It really makes you wonder where all of the cheap London escorts have gone to or have they all become elite or VIP escorts.



Mind you, I have met some absolutely stunning ladies when dating in London but I have to say that I interact with them on a totally different level. I almost feel like I have to behave myself but that might just be in my mind. The girls are very sexy but at the same time they seem to be missing that little bit of naughtiness that I so often long for. It is difficult to know what to do sometimes, but in a way I think that I am becoming used to the new generation of London escorts.



London escorts may not be cheap London escorts anymore and I think that I finally understand why. These hot babes certainly date a lot of special people. I understand that even members of some well known noble Arab families date the girls, and I suppose this is why they need to adopt a certain air of sophistication. It is strange to think that this East End boy might be dating the same ladies as well known business men and foreign visitors. I sort feel a bit honored somehow and it makes you wonder what is going to happen next.



Thinking about it, I don’t want things to go back to the way they were. Okay, the girls back then were great but we have moved on now and it is a brave new world. There are many times when I feel a bit out of touch in this brave new world of ours, but I never do so when I am with my London escorts. They make me feel loved and cared for and I am happy to carry on seeing them. At the end of the day everything has changed. Even my old pubs have either gone or changed their names.

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